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 Post subject: The great new feature of 2.1.6 - VBscripts
PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, 2005 2:29 pm 

Joined: Mon Mar 15, 2004 1:48 pm
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SigX 2.1.6 - Released on June 23, 2005

What i hope to accomplish here is to show you what new features came out in 2.1.6 and how to take advantage of them

The feature I am most happy to introduce is the new VBscript execute feature, it allows the users to create and share external scripts which have endless amount of features. The scripts I included with 2.1.6 are just a few sample scripts that show off the abilities of VBscript. You can get html output, parse XML files, get local system information, get email status, whatever you want (as long as you know how to do it) .

The way this works

First off you write a script, lets start off with a simple "hello world" script for example.

' the Path is the name of our file
Const Path = "helloworld.txt"
Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set outFile = fs.CreateTextFile(Path, True)
outfile.write "Hello World"

Note: You must save the output txt file with the identical file name as the VBscript file name.

So now we save the above code as helloworld.vbs. And next we place the helloworld.vbs inside your SigXC, scripts folder. To test and debug our code we simply double click on the vbs file and it will create a helloworld.txt file in the same folder or throw an error.

To use the VBscript file in our SigX we have to edit the templates.txt filde which is also found inside the SigXC folder.

Working with the template

Open up templates.txt folder and paste the following code into it at the end.

"HelloWorld" "{script}=scripts/helloworld.vbs,60"

The first part "HelloWorld" is what you will see in the drop down box inside SigX.

The second part tells SigX what to do "{script}=scripts/helloworld.vbs,60"

The number 60 is in minutes. Which would mean that you want the vbscript file to execute every 1 hour or 60 minutes.


Obviously I gave a very simple example how SigX uses VBscripts but they are very powerfull. I have included an RSS reader with version 2.1.6 that allows you to to read RSS from your favorite news sites, or even your own blog and show them on the SigX image.

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 Post subject: Scripts Included with 2.1.6
PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, 2005 2:46 pm 

Joined: Mon Mar 15, 2004 1:48 pm
Posts: 1397
Location: Los Angeles
I have released 3 scripts with 2.1.6 which I think are pretty cool.
  • rss.vbs
  • foldingStats.vbs
  • worldpopulation.vbs

RSS Feeder
This is a great script, it allows you to read RSS from any of your favorite news sites or blogs and its easy to use.

How to configure:

1. Open rss.vbs inside the scripts folder.
2. Modify the following:

rss.ContentURL = ""
rss.MaxResults = 3

Sample output with 5 headlines:

Replace the "" with the RSS of your desired site, and the number of headlines to obtain.

3. Close the rss.vbs and reload SigX
4. Select "rssFeed" from the drop down list.
note: It will take up as many lines of your signature as you specify in the MaxResults.

Folding Stats
This is made for the [email protected] site, you must edit the VBscript filde on the following line:

const conURLSrc = ""

Replace the username and the team number with your own.

World Population

This is a sample script I included for sample purposes. It connects to the census webpage and parses the html for the current world population.

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