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Author:  admin [ Tue Jan 27, 2004 2:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Random Skins Code

Are you not happy with just showing 1 sigx skin? would you like to rotate a few skins that you like from our large selection?

i have created a script that will randomly pick the skin you like.

With this you can create random skins from a list of skins i already have on my site.

// Random Skins
// Version 1.0
// Date: Jan 27, 2004
// coder: Yuriy ([email protected])

$username = "myusername";

// list of skins you may like
$skins = array("Apples",
            "Dark Win in Blue 6",
            "Digital in Blue",
            "Digital in Light Blue",
            "Digital in Yellow",
            "Eating Apples",
            "Gemini in Light Blue",
            "Green Neon",
            "Ligth Win in Blue 1",
            "Red Neon",
            "Simile XP Red",
// pick a random skin         
$x = rand(0,count($skins)-1);
$name = urlencode($skins[$x]);




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