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 Post subject: New SigXC++ 2.2.1
PostPosted: Thu Sep 13, 2007 5:55 pm 

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New SigX 2.2.1 - July 25 2009

> Download Section <

2.2.1 - Updates
* fixed weather
* support for bigger list of network drivers in Vista
+ Mouse/Keyclicks enabled again

New SigX 2.1.9
2.1.9 - Updates
* Improved program/game list functionality
+ Added iTunes support
+ Added log feature (can be used for previous song played up to 9 songs, see forum for examples)
- Removed sigx.dll (key clicks/mouse feature disabled)

note for people using custom templates.txt:
add "iTunes" "Song {itunes song}" into templates.txt

2.1.7 - Updates
* Fixed Proxy bug
+ Added The Weather Chanel zip code weather in settings
+ Improved script command

New features in 2.1.6
* Fixed 2GB limit on RAM size on windows XP and 2k systems
+ Added script running capability (ie: VBscripts. see examples. Great for advanced users)
+ Added Proxy support (reads IE proxy setting)
+ Added stats bar, supports multi rows and different colors for stats (look at screenshots)
+ Added multi language support
+ Added Current game or Current Program support
+ Added in game counter 'counts how long you used a game or a program'
+ Added in game session counter 'counts how long you used a game or program since sigx was ran'
* Fixed Count Down AM bug
* Fixed Replace.ini now you can use "" instead of "NullSPace"

Known issue: weather by zip code not retrive weather.
Solution: use the alternative weather method (read the readme).

New features in 2.1.5
Server updated, older version may not work.
This is a must update.
Note: If you have version 2.1.4, you can just download the zip and overwrite the exe in the SigXC folder in Program Files

New features in 2.1.4
+ Added template.txt for the template system, it can store 200 custom templates
+ Added {mouse scrolls}to the keyClicks and to advanced layout variables.
+ Added 'reset stats on restart' option (only when auto-start is enabled)
+ Added {winamp song length} shows current songs length
+ Added music players to advanced layout variables (music match, real players, etc. {real player} {quintessential} {music match} )
* Fixed minor bugs with count down
* Fixed bug with key clicks that were above 100,000
* Countdown can now be re-edited (switch back to it through the drop down)

New features in 2.1.3
* This Time Fixed auto start minimized when windows starts
* Fixed {gigs total} {gigs used} {gigs free} now they can be used in replace.ini
* Fixed MoodX scrolling issue
+ added {odometer} {key clicks} {mouse clicks} {idle time} to the advanced variables

New features in 2.1.2
- Idle time: shows how long you were away from keyboard.

* Fixed SigX to auto start minimized when windows starts

+ Added a separate Form for Count Down making it easier to use
+ Added Custom Settings option to the menu
+ Added edit, reset menu to reset individual stats.

* Changed odometer to 2 decimal points instead of 3.
+ Added Custom Settings: allows you to change prefixes and postfixes of every item, and lets you edit replace.ini. Also the form is resizable.
* Changed Advanced variables And Help Addition variables. They can now be highlighted and copied

New features in 2.1.1
+ New features Added:
- Key Clicks: shows how many times you click the mouse and keyboard
- All Drives: shows the total free and used space on all drives combined
- odometer: counts the distance the mouse has traveled in meters or feet, select odometer in meters in settings for meters.
- battery: shows battery status for laptops

{gigs total} - total size of all drives
{gigs free} - free size of all drives
{gigs used} - used size of all drives

More Info...




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