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 Post subject: SigX C++ Client V. 2.2.1 Updated on July 25, 2009
PostPosted: Fri May 28, 2004 9:12 am 

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SigX C++ Edition 2.2.1



Main Window

Preview Window

Settings Window

Custom Settings Window

Stats Bar Settings Window

Stats Bar Window

SigX can hide to task bar tray by clicking the X button or right clicking on the icon and selecting hide. To close it click File, Exit or right click on the icon in the task bar tray and click close.

How to upgrade
IF you are a few versions from current release, its best to replace all files.

If you are upgrading make sure to backup
templates.txt, sigx.ini and repalce.ini, gamesplay.bin, gameplay.bin and binx files.
Once you upgrade the sigx you can place this back into the folder.

    - Real Player
    - Quintessential player
    - Music match player
    - Winamp (2,3,5)
    - Windows Media Player 9 & 10 (with plug-in)
    - iTunes
    - Bandwidth monitor: shows the current upload/download speed and total upload/download bandwidth
    - CPU: shows current cpu MHz and name of the cpu and % usage
    - Drive: displays HD size, free space
    - IP: your current ip
    - Mood: you can set your mood from a list of 920 moods or type in your own (goes well with MoodX)
    - OS: your current OS sigX is running on
    - RAM: Show Total Ram, Available Ram, and % used ram
    - Random Quote: picks a random quote from a list you make
    - Screen: displays current screen size and color depth with refresh rate
    - Signature: you can enter any text you wish
    - Time: shows current time on your computer
    - Top Window: shows the title of the active window
    - Uptime: System uptime since last reboot
    - Winamp: Current winamp song and current/total track number (works for both winamp2 and winamp3 and winamp5 and itunes (with plugin), foobar (with plugin)
    - Windows Media Player: Get current playing song in windows media player 9 (plugin required)
    - Weather: gets current weather based on the zip code you provide (us only)
    - All Drives: shows the total free and used space on all drives combined
    -Countdown: allows you to set the time and date of any day until the year 9999 and it will tell you how many days, hours, minutes and seconds is remaining also upon reaching that day you can specify a message that will be shown for 1 day at the end of which it will say Count Down Ended
    -Replace.ini is a text file in the SigX C++ folder that you can use to replace any word with any other word even "multiple words" "with other words" or just letters or single words, inside quotes
    - Odometer: counts the distance the mouse has traveled in meters or feet, select odometer in meters in settings for meters.
    - Battery: shows battery status for laptops
    - Idle time: shows how long you were away from keyboard.
    - Run custom script: lets you specify a script file like vbscript to execute and read results.
    - Custom stats bar: runs in windows to display your desired statistics (found under the Extras menu)

click here for a more in depth look at Advanced SigX features and examples

2.2.1 - updates on 7/25/2009
* fixed weather
* support for bigger list of network drivers in Vista
+ Mouse/Keyclicks enabled again

2.1.9 - Updates
* Improved program/game list functionality
+ Added iTunes support
+ Added log feature (can be used for previous song played up to 9 songs, see forum for examples)
- Removed sigx.dll (key clicks/mouse feature disabled)

note for people using custom templates.txt:
add "iTunes" "Song {itunes song}" into templates.txt

2.1.7 - updates on 7/1/2005
* Fixed Proxy bug
+ Added The Weather Chanel zip code weather in settings
+ Improved script command
+ Added Time to next update in the SigX ToolTip

2.1.6 - updates on 1:41 PM 6/23/2005
* Fixed 2GB limit on RAM size on windows XP and 2k systems
+ Added script running capability (ie: VBscripts. see examples. Great for advanced users)
+ Added Proxy support (reads IE proxy setting)
+ Added stats bar, supports multi rows and different colors for stats
+ Added multi language support
+ Added Current game or Current Program support
+ added in game counter 'counts how long you used a game or a program'
+ added in game session counter 'counts how long you used a game or program since sigx was ran'
* Fixed Count Down AM bug
* Fixed Replace.ini now you can use "" instead of "NullSPace"

Known issue: weather by zip code not retrive weather.
Solution: use the alternative weather method.

2.1.5 - Updated on 3:07 AM 11/28/2004
* Fixed Waiting to send data to the server code

2.1.4 - Updates on 2:56 PM 10/22/2004
+ Added templates.txt for the template system, it can store 200 custom templates ( read the template topic to learn more. )
+ Added 'mouse scrolls' to the keyClicks and to advanced layout variables.
+ Added 'reset stats on restart' option (only when auto-start is enabled)
+ Added {winamp song length} shows current songs length
+ Added music players to advanced layout variables (music match, real players, etc.)
* Fixed minor bugs with count down
* Fixed bug with key clicks that were above 100,000
* Countdown can now be re-edited (switch back to it through the drop down)

2.1.3 - updates on 9:38 AM 9/11/2004
* This time Fixed auto start minimized when windows starts
* Fixed {gigs total} {gigs used} {gigs free} now they can be used in replace.ini
* Fixed MoodX scrolling issue
+ added {odometer} {key clicks} {mouse clicks} {idle time} to the advanced variables

2.1.2 - updates on 6:14 PM 9/10/2004
* Fixed SigX to auto start minimized when windows starts

+ Added a separate Form for Count Down making it easier to use
+ Added Custom Settings option to the menu
+ Added edit, reset menu to reset individual stats.

* Changed odometer to 2 decimal points instead of 3.
+ Added Custom Settings: allows you to change prefixes and postfixes of every item, and lets you edit replace.ini. Also the form is resizable.
* Changed Advanced variables And Help Addition variables can now be highlighted and copied

Updates on 9:42 PM 8/18/2004
* added mouse odometer
* added battery status for laptops
* improved network bandwidth monitor, only counts bandwidth while program is running and no more 3.3 gig limit.

Updates on 2:26 PM 8/5/2004
* Added key clicks and all drives also added all drive variables to the advanced layout
* Key clicks counts the keys clicked and mouse typed.

Fixes on 1:44 PM 7/16/2004
* Fixed problem with password encryption, as far as I know . if you have a password that doesn´?¢t save with the new version please tell me.

Fixes on 4:29 PM 6/27/2004
* Fixed problem with 12AM and 12PM in countdown.

Fixes on 1:04 PM 6/25/2004
* fixed forecast in world weather. Updated on 1:34 AM 6/18/2004
*added current song for
Real Player
Quintessential player
music match player

Fixes on 1:31 PM 6/13/2004
* fixed the MM/DD/YYYY to be DD/MM/YYYY bug in current time now its says it correctly

Added On 3:40 AM 6/13/2004
* added world weather , example on use in the Read Me.

Fixes on 12:06 AM 6/13/2004
* added code to let only one instance of the program start
* added code so it would not minimize unless its started on start up
* fixed typo in weather.

count down explained:
[before:] - before the count down reaches that date
[at:] - the day during the count down reached the date
[after:] - any time after the count down
[show at:] - specifies whether the [at:] will be shown for a day or not at all.

New Features on 12:00 AM 6/11/2004
- countdown : [month/day/year hour:minute:second] counts down to set date the format is
- advanced layout : variables located in the help, Advanced layout. You can set your own layout in signature field. look at examples
- preview: basic preview of what your SigX will look like on the page
- update now: one time only update now button.
- replace.ini replace any word with any other, also has "NullSPace" to replace " " with "" see examples.

Fixes on 6:43 PM 6/2/2004
*added two new variables
"BlankSpace" and "NullSPace" to be used individually in the program to achieve the replacement of " " and ""

Note: to use center left and right alignments along with replacing single letters please make sure to replace [C] [L] [R] to something that wont be replaced, probably a number sequence or letters that you don´?¢t replace, change back to [C] [L] and [R] in the last lines of the text file.

Fixes on 5:39 PM 6/2/2004
*added support for multiple line replace using " "
for example "1" "|" would replace every 1 with a | or you can use it to replace any "combination of words" "to say something else"

Note: It doesn´?¢t work with " " blank space between quotes because it uses blank spaces as separators.

Fixes on 4:37 PM 6/2/2004
*added 250 words replace instead of original 25
you can use this to replace player closed or any other string to what ever you want. for example you can even create your own l33t using this system be sure to replace the words you want before converting to leet so put the replace words first and l33t second.

NOTE: It only replaces single words with no spaces

Fixes on 4:11 PM 6/2/2004
*corrected MHz readout on the CPU
*added badwords.ini where you can enter up to 25 words for it to sensor and replace, the thing is case sensitive so you'll have to enter each variation of the same word if you want to be sure it will be censored.

Example: Word word WORD shuld covver most used variations of that word.

Fixes on 12:53 PM 6/2/2004
*added more features to count down you can now specify a different message after the count down has reached 0 that it will show for 1 day until its expired. then it will say count down ended, if you use a second | with a second string

Example1: 2004/8/10 12:0:0 |Left Until My Bday | Its My Bday
Exampl2 default: 2004/8/10 12:0:0 |Left Until My Bday

in example1 it will show the alternate message for 1 day then it will say Count Down Ended.
in example2 it will show negative numbers with that text after it runs to 0.

Fixes on 6:42 PM 6/1/2004
*fixed Time it was reading 24 hours as 0
*fixed SigX.ini parser was returning strings when it wasn´?¢t finding them
*added count down ( counts down to set date you can add custom string after |

Fixes on 12:58 AM 6/1/2004:
*improved memory management
*fixed a few bugs
*redesigned the architecture to make it more stable.

~~~SigX C++ Edition~~~

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Good stuff!




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